• One-to-One Mentoring

    Each year, I choose a handful of education business owners to mentor.

    Would you like to be one of them?

    It all starts with a chat ...

One-to-One Mentoring

Each year, I choose a handful of businesses to mentor, so we can deep-dive and design strategies that are tailored and adaptable.

Would you like to be one of them?

It all starts with a chat ...

Dwight Faulkner


"She's a specialist with tremendous business acumen"

I have the pleasure of working with Sumantha on a regular basis and cannot speak highly enough of her. 

She is a specialist in her field with tremendous business acumen, thoroughly knowledgeable and extremely generous with her time. 

She has been a tremendous source of support. If you're looking for an education professional, look no further than Sumantha.

What To Expect

First things first, I'm not about giving you dry business advice or a fixed method.

There are no '5 steps to ...' style training here.

If you've taken a look around, you'll know that I'm all about helping you design your business based on your mission, vision, values and lifestyle.

It all starts with your free Discovery Call.

Be ready to deep-dive

You can use me to choose what you want to focus on or I can take the lead and create a plan.  Or we can do a mix of both.

Either way, everything we do will deep-dive into your business and be designed according to what you want out of it.

Be ready to try new things

In business and marketing, everything works and nothing works!  We need to experiment to see exactly what resonates with your client base and target market.

Our criteria for success is different for each of us, so let's work towards your goals instead of what we think we should be aiming for.

Be ready to identify your best bits

I bet if we take a closer look, you're doing loads right.

We won't change that.  We might tweak it to make it better, but I always start with a full audit of what you've got going on right now.

Be ready for honesty

I will be honest.  Otherwise, I'd be wasting your time and money.

But here's the thing, business decisions can be objective.  If you don't like my advice, that's fine.  We'll mould it so that you're only doing what you're comfortable with.